Saturday, October 12, 2013

Days 5 & 6

Friday included my first attempt to make changes at work. Since I haven't set up corporate email on my phone yet, I won't know how my team reacted until Monday. After work, I went with a college friend to a "southern food" & beer restaurant on the Upper West Side. The conversation and food was excellent-- I had the "Honey Chicken and Pickles." And beers, of course, capped by Four Roses.

This morning I decided that I should explore the area by running. I immediately came up with many excuses not to do it, but I sucked it up and went. For about ten minutes. After finally getting cable & internet (I haven't had cable service in a few years, but I thought I would for at least the next three months) I went up to the museum I had been waiting to visit alone. I went straight to the membership desk, then the cafe for a quick bite, then enjoyed the museum for about 2 1/2 hours. I left because my feet were hurting rather than lack of interest.

To solve the hurt-foot problem, I went to Niketown to get some new shoes. While the salespeople were helpful, there were too many people in the shoe area that I abandoned the idea and instead looked up the nearest local running store. And that was a huge success. The salesperson recorded me running and showed me extreme overpronation (worse than in the picture!). That explained why my feet and ankles hurt so much from using the unsupportive shoes I ran in this morning. I bought fancy new shoes which I will try out tomorrow. Then a train back home only to find they were running express trains only, so I ended up walking almost a mile from the station back to my apartment. My feet are too sore to do much else today, so I'll enjoy a simple dinner and wine.