Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day 2

I started to figure out what I'm supposed to do in my job today, though I spent a long time on tangents with my manager because I know so little about the industry. It's not so much confusing as foreign. When I started at Google, I understood (at least, so I thought) the basic idea of what they were doing. But at this place, what they do is very different than what I'm used to.

Since it was sunny today, the view from my office was amazing.

The apartment is all set for tomorrow. The rent is only slightly less than my take-home pay in my first job.

Because of yesterday's "no-Android" news, I ordered an iPhone today. I chose to pick it up at the Apple store in the Upper West Side to make an excuse to go up there. As a "grown-up," I don't need an excuse, but these are the mental games we play. I took an express train there and so therefore overshot it by 40 blocks (some "grown-up"). When I finally made it to the Apple temple, their systems were down. I ate at a nearby Italian restaurant (table for 1!) and had a so-so meal with so-so wine. When I returned to the store, the systems were even further down, so I gave up on this for the day.

Here's a picture from my hotel room (the glass makes it slightly distorted). It's pretty much the same as the above but at night. Last night the ESB was purple. I didn't realize it has a schedule for its colors. It honors things ranging from the very honorable to the very dubious.

Fortunately I bought a bottle of nice California cab, Stag's Leap Artemis, yesterday which has more than made up for the mediocre Barolo (or so they called it) with dinner.