Thursday, October 10, 2013

Days 3 & 4

I now have the apartment right in the heart of Little Italy. In honor of this, or maybe because it's really easy, I decided to cook pasta tonight. Unfortunately the store where I bought it didn't carry my favorite jar, so I had to make do with one which was disappointing. The apartment did not come with a collander, which I realized exactly the moment I removed the pot of boiling water and pasta from the stove.

Yesterday I saw this in a store in Soho. They've reduced this poor unicorn (or as my kids would say, "un'", pronounced "yoon") to a bracelet holder!

I met up with some recently married friends last night (as in married the day before!) at The Meatball Shop. As you would expect they have lots of different meatballs, though not the dizzying array I hoped for given the specialization one expects from a store which is so bold as to name itself "Meatball". But they scored points for their clever menu, which you the diner mark with a dry-erase marker, of meatball types (five) and sauces (six) and a grid of 30 boxes for you to select which combinations you want.

Tonight I found a Gamestop and bought a video game I watched recently (used, $15) and one I thought I should try. Now to go play one...