Monday, October 7, 2013

Day 0 - Day 1

Day 0

I arrived in New York last night ready to start the next chapter in my life.

At 9pm, I wandered around nearby streets to find some food and dined alone near Washington Square Park at a reasonable-looking place where I had a curry stew and a Brooklyn Lager. It's always odd to eat out alone. Of course I couldn't sleep because of reverse jet lag and excitement.

Day 1

I started my new job at Two Sigma, spending most of the day hearing about how they do stuff there. 
There were two very surprising things, which I hadn't even thought to ask about because they seem otherworldly to me: no laptop and no phone email (except on Blackberry (!) and a much-maligned iOS client). No laptop? At first I was shocked, then I was thrilled. No phone email? Same reaction. What am I to do during meetings?!

And I have an office. It is configured for two, but I am the only occupant for now. Here's a view out the window. It will do.

Unfortunately there is no approved access to the balcony. Also I heard some of what I'm supposed to do in my new job. It'll be challenging but I am confident.

I heard from the other guy who started today that our (well, Kerri's) research into places to live and schools was spot on. Park Slope is the place to be. But as I was looking around last night I decided to include the Upper West Side in my search, and maybe we could make that work, too.

If everything goes smoothly I should be able to stay in an apartment tomorrow night, which is about here.