Sunday, February 16, 2014

Two More Weeks

These past two weeks have seen us get into the New York state of mind. (see what I did there?)

We went to a concert featuring some great bands. I splurged on seats because the lineup was so strong. Madonna was there, though speaking rather than performing:

As was Blondie! She put on a great performance-- the crowd loved her (them?).

However, the highlight for us was, and this was a bit of a surprise, Imagine Dragons. Even though it was only a three song set (like each of the many performers) they had a ton of energy. I was hoping to stick around for The Flaming Lips (why I bought tickets in the first place), but we (well, the kids, who were staying with friends) were about to turn into pumpkins.

Here are the kids that weekend at the 14th St. subway station sitting on large bronze feet.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Settling (Months 3 & 4)

We made it. Kerri and I drove across the country in four days at the end of December (including the long way through Montana and South Dakota). It was great fun to be with just her for a week, we remembered why we got married in the first place!

Before we left, we walked to a few of our fondest memories of Seattle. I remember just after moving there visiting my then-boss's house in Wallingford and thinking "I would *love* to live here someday". Five years later, I finally did. Our house there was wonderful...and because of our attachment (and favorable financial terms) we are still debating whether to try to rent it out or just sell it. I remember when we moved in how excited I was to walk to the energy of 45th St. (somewhat quaint by NYC standards, but it was new to me).
Our favorite summer evening destination: Fainting Goat Gelato, 45th St., Seattle

Shortly after arriving, I took the kids on a "real train" (Metro North) to the Bronx Botanical Garden to see the Train Show. The train show was a bust, but the kids loved the journey.

The next day I took Madeline to our neighborhood museum.

We even went to Puppy Bowl. For some reason I could not retrieve any of the pictures. Whew.
Times Square, Super Bowl Saturday. The Lombardi Trophy is in there.

Rock, Paper, Scissors (and Hush Puppies!) at The Mermaid Inn