Sunday, February 16, 2014

Two More Weeks

These past two weeks have seen us get into the New York state of mind. (see what I did there?)

We went to a concert featuring some great bands. I splurged on seats because the lineup was so strong. Madonna was there, though speaking rather than performing:

As was Blondie! She put on a great performance-- the crowd loved her (them?).

However, the highlight for us was, and this was a bit of a surprise, Imagine Dragons. Even though it was only a three song set (like each of the many performers) they had a ton of energy. I was hoping to stick around for The Flaming Lips (why I bought tickets in the first place), but we (well, the kids, who were staying with friends) were about to turn into pumpkins.

Here are the kids that weekend at the 14th St. subway station sitting on large bronze feet.