Sunday, November 17, 2013

Weeks 5 & 6

Weeks 5 & 6 saw a few interesting developments. Work has gotten under control.

I went to a comedy show where they make fun of things on the internet. Like those things need any help. Then to New Jersey, to my brother's best friend's place for Sunday football.

I went to a concert alone last week. While I was a bit sad to go alone, the show was wonderful and I sang along with all the songs.

Weekend #6 (just ending) I returned for Seattle. I surprised both of my kids by picking them up from school, and they were adorably excited to see me. We made two visits to "the donut store" during this weekend and had a delicious dinner out. And then I was able to join in with the ol' board game group to play perhaps the most vicious board game of all, the first time this group has played it. It was just as wonderful/terrible as it could be.

Since I've been gone, my wife has gotten the house nearly ready for movers. It's very sad to see, as all I can think about is how excited we were to move in. We lived in our previous house in Seattle for longer-- it was only three years ago that we moved in-- but it defined my Seattle experience more than anything else. I remembered driving through that neighborhood before we lived there thinking "this would be an awesome place to live." I was right. But I have a dream I have to follow.

Here's a panorama from Thursday afternoon out my office window:

My daughter here is explaining that "aliens can play the piano." She decided that putting the cart on her head made her an alien. And just before this she cast a magic alien spell on me that turned me into an alien as well.